Maya Khamala

Words are like fire. They can destroy or create.

Human beings are attracted to fire in all its forms. If you want to truly reach people, you need to build a fire. Thing is, it takes very few wrong words to wreak total destruction on a painstakingly built empire, but a few of the right ones and you’ve created enduring fascination, hope, or desire. If that's the kind of fire you're after, you've come to the right place.

I'm Maya Khamala, and I'm a highly excitable and effective freelance copywriter. I work with people in Toronto, Montreal, and anywhere else in the world too.

Words are my all-time favourite thing in the universe because they make strong communication possible. And quite frankly, without that quality communication, it's hard to maintain the relationships that are integral to any successful marketing or outreach strategy (let alone any other relationship--am i right?!). Writing is a skill. Just because you think, speak, read, and dream beautifully in English, doesn't mean you know how to hone the power of the written word to really reach people. I would love to help you discover your voice, or strengthen it, as the case may be. Let's recreate the fire, shall we?

Maya Khamala copywriter


Copywriting is a kind of juicy storytelling that seduces and sells by speaking truth in just the right way. The strategic choices we make depend on your target audience, the type of brand you want to build, the image you want to project, and your values. I will help you to achieve highly effective messaging for just about any scenario under the life-giving sun. I write and edit copy for businesses, agencies, organizations, web project managers, video producers and anyone else hungry for concise and driven content that achieves its purpose: reaching people and turning the right ones into customers or lifelong collaboraters.

I have close to a decade of experience writing and editing for both web and print: as a promotions coordinator, a journalist, a poet, and a storyteller. I write web content, news articles, SEO marketing copy, press releases, blog posts, pamphlets, posters, flyers, email campaigns, slogans, taglines, video scripts, interviews, and more. I have a BA and an MA in creative writing & English literature. I also write fiery stories, essays, and poems. I write about a wide variety of topics, but my favourites are: health, relationships, gender, race, social justice, and all things erotic/poetic.

Invest in content that grows your business or project with my creative freelance copywriting services. Web designers, agencies and project managers: consider adding copywriting to the services you provide! To learn more, contact me, or check out my portfolio for examples of some of the work I've done and do.


For Starters Web Content

These days, having a website for your business is arguably just as important as the business itself. Maybe even more so, since we truly do live in the age of representation. It's now a fact of life: people check out the product or service they're looking for online--almost always. They might even prefer to complete their entire purchase from the comfort of their home, so a decent website with strong copy and effective messaging is crucial. This package includes 4 Pages of web content (i.e., Home, About, Services, Contact). This is the ideal package if you're a new businesses in need of a website that builds credibility and extolls the benefits of your brand to the wild, wacky world.

For Starters SEO Web Content

You need quality web copy. That's a given. But sometimes you also need that special keyword infusion. After all, we all need to be found. And being found is a modern-day art form. This package includes 4 pages of copywriting along with search engine optimization based on your chosen keywords. Using SEO keywords is part of an effective strategy to help you stand out from the competition. You want copy that uses the right words, but not in a repetitive, mind-numbing way that bogs down the text and makes clients-to-be roll their eyes and move on to the next one. I can write web copy that integrates your SEO keywords and phrases naturally and easily (deceptively so!).

Web Content Revamp

My mother was an English teacher who made a habit of breathing down my neck and pointing out even the slightest error or grey area in syntax, diction, or general excellence. Let me do the same for you. These may seem like small details, but they make all the difference in the world when it comes to establishing credibility and authority in your vertical. It's like wearing pants or a tie that's a tad too short. It puts people off even if they never say so. Included in this package are 4 pages' worth of editing for grammar, spelling, and word flow. If you know in your heart that your site's content isn’t where it needs to be, or it’s not accomplishing what you want it to, it's high time for that revamp!

SEO Web Content Revamp

Everything good and worthwhile in this world is open to improvement, and to evolution. The more you think about that, the truer it becomes. If you're happily married to your content but want it to play more effectively to the strengths of those crucial keywords to improve your Google rankings, this one's for you. Don't let anyone tell you that you have to sacrifice the quality or the poetry of your website's copy in order to bend to the will of search engines. Not true. I'll help you sustain your message, your unique tone, the playfulness of your voice--whatever it is that you know sets your business apart from the rest--while enriching your copy with that SEO magic on the lowdown. This package includes keyword implementation, and 4 pages' worth of editing.

Blogs on the Regular

You got the memo. We all did. Google yearns for your original, high quality, keyword-laden content. So the more you have, the better to feed the beast. But it's not easy to produce a constant stream of quality, nourishing material that your readers and buyers-to-be can devour with their morning cup of coffee. Quality blog writing takes time, effort, and at times, thoughtful research. This package includes 4 blog posts per month. Blogs can go a long way toward upping your web traffic, attracting more customers, and ultimately boosting your sales. When done right, blogs cater to your target audience in truly engaging and meaningful ways. They can be informative, educational. They can keep it real, be your buyers' best friend. However you slice it, more meaningful connection breeds stronger brand loyalty. You'll know it's working when you notice your loyal customers sharing your blog posts with their friends and colleagues. This is how you do business now. Wanna swap blogs for more heavily researched articles? Let's talk.

Social Media Roots

Many of your clients will likely discover you via social media for the first time. Never underestimate the power of first impressions! Can you count your business's social media accounts on one hand? Two hands? Although it can get really overwhelming, it's crucial to make sure your branding is consistent across all of your online forums, and yet also tweaked to cater to the unique superpowers of each individual social media universe. Included in this package are bios for 4 social media accounts: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, for example. This is a great way to firmly establish your business's identity while boosting the visibility and dominance of your brand.

Social Media Upkeep

Social media runs the show when it comes to your business. You know it. I know it. And we all know it can be a real pain (and time-drain) to properly oversee and maintain all the different accounts, formats, bios, and posting schedules, while also staying up-to-date with the latest updates and changing trends of each. Remember what it's like to sit outside, under a tree, and not have to worry about thumbing a device? Maybe not. But the option is there. In addition to bios for 4 social media accounts of your choice, I will write 2-4 weekly social media posts for use across your various accounts. Your space is often limited, which means it's more crucial than ever to use your words wisely and be concise yet poignant. My forte.

Rocket Launch Campaign

You're doing it. You're finally taking the leap and projecting your product or service into the colourful, complex world. Or you're in the process of introducing a new element to your existing business. Either way, bite, punch, and kick-start are your strongest allies. This package includes a product or service description, tagline, media kit, membership email, and press release. I'll help you create copy that makes buying what you're selling a no-brainer. Whether its on the packaging itself, in your online store's descriptions, or both, this is core storytelling. I'll also include handy messaging tips you'll need to get media all riled up and interested in spreading the word on your behalf.

Print Copy Kit

Print is not dead. Never underestimate the very real strength of a business strategy that takes advantage of all available mediums. While it's true that we're living in a virtual era, taking up space in the physical world has arguably never been so important. Why? Because when you go there, you set yourself apart. Not to mention, you reach a more diverse cross-section of humans. You succeed in grabbing people's attention as they're moving through the world, going about their daily business. This package includes 1 flyer, 1 poster, and 1 pamphlet's worth of concisely crafted content. Whether you're promoting a one-time event, an ongoing campaign, or your business more generally, print copy that says what it came to say is your friend.


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