Dr. Emily Kiberd, DC Urban Wellness Clinic
Over the past year, Maya has been our go-to lead writer for our health and wellness content in a very competitive online space. She digests the information that needs to be included and incorporates all the SEO keywords into an easily readable humorous piece, which is no easy feat. She's taken on a huge responsibility learning my voice, representing my business online and I feel an enormous weight has been lifted off myself shoulders trusting that I can leave this piece in her hands.
Elizabeth Lozano, Elizabeth Lozano
It was such a pleasure to work with Maya. She put us at ease immediately. She was very professional, punctual, and respectull of our deadlines. But, most important of all was her creative way of thinking and understanding what we wanted. Maya is the creative writer we go to and we recommend you do the same. ​
Courtney Kirkby, Tiger Lotus Cooperative
​ I highly recommend Maya. I used her services for my women's health website, Tiger Lotus Co-op. She is speedy, motivated, professional and an excellent copywriter with feasible rates. You can't go wrong.
Ling Yun Zhao, iFloat Baby Spa
Working with Maya has been an absolute joy. She’s a wonderful writer, always on top of deadlines and willing to go the extra mile. The end result is a truly effective online presence that clearly guides the user through the process of becoming a customer.
Stacey Greenspoon, Rank Media Agency
Over the past year, Maya's been an integral part of Rank Media Agency's content department. She writes various forms of content for our agency and infuses every project with passion and creativity. Maya easily adapts to every assignment; the versatility of her writing in addition to her research capabilities ensure the success of each project. Maya is a pleasure to work with, reliable and very well organized. Her work is on time, on target and continuously meeting the needs of our clients.
Katherine Quast, Assistance & Referral Centre
Maya and I have been collaborating on communication projects for ARC, a non-profit organization that addresses access to health and social services; and part of this has included raising awareness and fostering an online community presence. This is where Maya’s copying writing skills, creativity, and open-minded approach have been instrumental in helping to move things forward. Whether it is a communications plan, blog, or one-on-one interview, Maya is adept at getting to the heart of what matters and aligning the message so that it makes sense in this complex environment. I enjoy working together with Maya because she’s got a friendly approach, a positive attitude, and understands the pulse non-profits.
Bianca Mugyenyi, Centre for Gender Advocacy
I worked closely with Maya from 2009 to 2014 and got to witness first-hand her advanced level of skill as a writer. The Centre for Gender Advocacy is an anti-racist, feminist, social justice organization. As such, the messages we put out into the world have important goals: educate and mobilize a lot of people, get them to pay attention and keep paying attention--get them to care. Arguably much more challenging than selling a product or service. Maya fulfilled the role of Promotions and Publicity Coordinator throughout most of the time I worked with her, and I can't imagine anyone doing a better job than she did. She is dedicated, disciplined, and efficient. She wrote mountains of creative copy for both web and print (our website, social media, email campaigns, press releases, pamphlets, flyers, posters, banners, signs, and more), and all of it was truly high octane, appropriately colourful, and written with real care and consideration for our diverse audiences. She is able to adapt to whatever tone or voice is needed, even when the subject matter is quite heavy, as well as develop messaging for different target groups. She trained a number of volunteers to be able to write quality content as well, and would spend a lot of time editing and giving feedback on their work. In large part due to Maya's adeptness, versatility, and passion as a writer and editor, we managed to get hundreds and sometimes thousands of people out to a range of popular education events. On a personal level, Maya is funny as hell, quick-witted, and constantly coming up with original and edgy ways of saying things that you would probably never think of yourself. I would recommend her copywriting and copy editing services to any individual or business without hesitation!